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Is this process offered in stores, just a coating that any other system is comparable too?

No, not even close,”Our Trademarked Original Liquid Applied Rubber Roof Shield System” complete roof restoration and weatherproof liquid rubber products are not available in stores like Home Depote, it is only available trough our official authorized distribution network and remember we are not the caulk sandwiched between the tiles and then painted over deal! Most importantly any damaged roof materials and tiles must be restored or replaced before adding any paint sealant finish coats.

The only Roof Coating proces to have the Tas-106 Dade County Uolift Pul Tile Exam, World Wide.

Can this process be applied to any type of surface?

Yes, Barrel, Flat, or S – Tile, Metal, Gravel, and Foam. From Roofs, Walls, Decks and much more….

Can a color be applied to provide decorative enhancement?

Virtually any color may be added through our computer match iron oxides colorant system.

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